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4 Steps to Determine How Much Money Do I need to Start Investing?

How much money do I need to start investing in the stock market?  This is a question I often get asked so I want to tackle this question by providing you with the top 4 things to consider. 1) Your goals should dictate how much you need to get started with investing in the stock market, or anything…

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4 Stock market Tips

4 Stock Market Tips for All Investors

There are certain things that will prevent you from seeing consistent profits in the stock market. The two most common that knock most traders out are the emotions of “fear and greed.” If you do not conquer these two emotions then you are doomed.  Here are four stock market tips for every trader regardless if…

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The Brown Report Podcast

Episode 1 – About Jason Brown of

Podcast Episode 1 in 2015 Welcome to the first podcast episode of 2015.  I challenged myself to get atleast one episode out in the first week of the year and I did it.  I hope you enjoy this episode as I take you on a journey into who Jason Brown is why I started this…

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Best Investment for 2015

The best investment you can make in 2015 is in yourself.  When I used to hear sayings like this I thought ohhh how cliche.  But then I realized after trading in the stock market for over 10 years that it’s not about the stocks, options, bonds, forex, commodities, whether you’re a day trader or long…

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Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern

Reverse Head and Shoulders Pattern – Stock Market Tutorial

Ok so now that you’ve heard about the famous “Head and Shoulder’s Pattern” if not (watch the previous video here).  Now let’s look at its Mirror Image the Reverse Head and Shoulders Pattern also known as the “inverse head and shoulders”. So what is a reverse or sometimes known as inverse “Head and Shoulders” pattern?…

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Popular Head and Shoulders Bearish Stock Market Pattern.

Head and Shoulders Pattern – Stock Market Tutorial

I’m sure you have heard of the famous “Head and Shoulders Pattern” but what exactly is it and why does it put you at an advantage to be able to spot this pattern?  Watch the video below as we break it all down for you with a visual.   So what is a “Head and…

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facebook stock report

Facebook Stock: Weakness or Buying Opportunity?

Facebook no doubt has been in an uptrend all year when you zoom out and look at the weekly chart. At times it offers a buying opportunity disguised as a pullback.  If you can catch the stock near support you stand to profit in the short term and for those long term traders who don’t…

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Netflix Stock: How to Deterimine When to Buy

Netflix Stock: NFLX is offering a low risk stock trade entry Understanding support and resistance is critical in trading stocks and options.  If you can spot areas of support (where buyers come in and buy/support the stock) and determine areas of resistance (where traders begin to sell the stock and resist it from going higher)…

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Ask Brown

Ask Brown – S&P 500 Question from Twitter

One of my twitter followers Ryan asked me my thoughts on the S&P 500.  In this video I answer Ryan’s question “with the Doji today being shown on the chart for the S&P 500 and the Fed cutting quantitative easing, do you think the market is looking bearish tomorrow.”  In one word my answer is…

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S&P 500, Down Jones and NASDQ all sell off

The S&P 500, Down Jones and Nasdaq all sold off pretty heavy yesterday Oct, 15, 2014.  But there may be a silver lining in one of the indices.  Lets take a look and where the markets go from here.

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