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Hi I'm Jason Brown and I've helped thousands of my students learn how to open their first trading account, learn how to read stock charts and gain confidence in their trading.

If you are looking to learn how to get started trading in the stock market or
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    From time to time I host free live webinars and invite those on my email list attend.  Come see what’s going on in the market, participate and get your questions answered.

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    I release new content on the stock market on various social media outlets from videos to pdf checklist and case studies.  Be one of the first to know when new content is available.

  • 6 Figure Mindset and Financial Intelligence

    If you have never earned money from the stock market before one of the toughest challenges will be your mindset and how you think.  I release podcast episodes that help you overcome negativity and prepare you to have the right mindset to unlock the keys to success.

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