Best Investment for 2015

The best investment you can make in 2015 is in yourself.  When I used to hear sayings like this I thought ohhh how cliche.  But then I realized after trading in the stock market for over 10 years that it’s not about the stocks, options, bonds, forex, commodities, whether you’re a day trader or long term investor.

Then what it is about?  It’s about investing in yourself.  Stock trading is just one of the tools in the investment toolbox but there are many other investments that need to be made to become successful. Investing in your education, investing in the friends that you spend your time around, investing in your church and your community.  It’s going to take more than the stock market to become wealthy and it’s going to take some carefully thought out investing in all the other aspects of life that I just mentioned to stay wealthy.

So as you close out 2014 and ring in the new year of 2015, if you take nothing else from this video and blog post, remember that in 2015 you need to make a commitment to invest in yourself.

I hope this post and video inspires someone.  Leave a comment below on something about yourself that you are investing in for 2015.

  • Warren

    I am a totally beginner and I have a stupid question to ask. Why do people sell their stock because the price went down? Can we wait until it come back or gets higher to get plus income?

    • Hi Warren there is no stupid question. You just don’t know what you don’t know. But the short answer is people sell their stock when it is down if they don’t believe it will come back to a higher price and think its going lower to limit the loss. Some also strategically sell it when it’s low because something else is moving higher and they need to free up those funds to jump on something moving in a positive direction. There’s basically a whole lot of reasons.

  • Ginger Ann Fones-Hilton

    I have been looking all over the Internet, youtube, other sites. I had not found anyone who explained things in complete detail until I found The Brown Report. Jason, thank you for giving me that push to move towards what have wanted to do for so long and explaining how to do it. I know now it will be you and your site that I will be following and eventually getting my coaching from. I have not started trading yet but the more I learn from you the more I am ready. THANK YOU!!!!

    • Ginger thanks for sharing. It’s comments like those that keep me going. So glad to help and looking forward to seeing you grow in this industry.

  • Daniel Liverman

    Awesome video, I plan to increase my investments in great books and tapes, and in great new relationships!

    • Awesome Daniel… this really is the year to turn up the learning meter. “knowledge is the new currency”