Bollinger Band Squeeze Play Example

Technology stocks have been on the move. Here is an interesting chart of Hewlett Packard Company “HPQ” that looks poised for upside momentum based on the “Bollinger Band Squeeze”. Click the Image to see it bigger   The stock has been trading in a sideways channel since August, coming into a volatility squeeze. Yesterday the…

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How to spot an uptrend in the (SPX) S&P 500

Ok so whether you are new trader or a veteran, this analysis of the S&P500 is for you.  It is always important to know where the overall market is trending so that you know if you are working in sync with the current or working against it.  Trading is like swimming if you are going…

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Ticker Symbol “P” Pandora Radio. low risk high return trade

Ok so here it is stock and options traders.  January 10th, we briefly posted about a few stock symbols that were ripe for breaking out. One of them was the company Pandora ticker symbol “P”.  For the newbies I thought I would do a deeper analysis on Pandora so let’s dive into it. Click the…

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