Get it Right the First Time, Get the Right Coaching

Having a coach can speed up the process of obtaining your stock trading goals and help make the journey much smoother.

Upon completion of the application you will be contacted to set up a time for a 15-20 minute phone call with someone from our team.

  • Group Coaching

    We meet as a group once a week online for an hour live webinar as you watch me use professional software to scan the market, give real time analysis and find trading opportunities as well as discuss strategy.  You also have the ability to ask questions in real time and get immediate feedback.

  • Private 1 on 1 Coaching

    One on One coaching is for those who have a unique need to master a specific area of trading and need more focused attention.  Private coaching is limited due to the number of hours in a day and clients that I can take on.  We will discuss your goals and make sure I am the right coach for you and can help provide you a game plan that can help with your specific need.