A big reason why I teach about the stock market is because I had to learn about it too. So I have been there, I know the struggles and challenges you face as new traders on the education journey to financial freedom.

That’s why I created Power Trades University: a place for coaching, courses, and community all centered on the stock market. 

In this podcast, my assistant Makayla and myself break down the changes in Power Trades University, how it helps you overcome your personal trading challenges, and all the benefits that it offers. 

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What Power Trades University is

Power Trades University used to be the sole site for Group Coaching members. The Group Coaching program includes a ton of benefits: live two-hour webinars every week with me, access to multiple discussion forums, access to webinar replay archives in case you miss the live session, and access to our Trade Tracker. 

The Changes

1. Under One Website

It used to be that you would need to log in to different websites to take the courses: Power Stock Trades for Foundations, Power Stock Options for Options Explained, and Power Trades University for Group Coaching members only. We also had respective private Facebook groups for each course.

We found this could be a bit confusing for our course members. 

So we made a change. Everything is under one roof: all courses and community forums are under one location: Power Trades University.  

2. Levels within Power Trades University

Now that all courses and communities are under one site, there are levels of access depending on what course you are taking. 

If you purchased the Foundations course, you have access to that course as well as the Foundations Course Discussion forum, on the same homepage of Power Trades University. 

If you purchased the Options Explained course, you have access to that course as well as it’s Discussion Forum. 

If you purchased the Group Coaching program, you have access to all of it’s multiple discussion forums, the Trade Tracker, the Calendar Event page, the Webinar Replays, again: all within Power Trades University. 

If you purchased multiple items, you have access to them all within your one account. 

3. Post Questions Beneath Course Modules

Before, you would have to leave the Power Stock Trades/Options sites as you were watching the course modules to go into Facebook to post your questions in the private groups. 

Now, you can post your questions right below the course module you are viewing. Or, you can post it in the respective discussion forum. Either myself or someone in the community can now reply. 

The site will hold all past questions, so it may be that your question may be already answered in there.

4. Create Your Own Profile

If you purchase any course, you can be a part of the community, even if you do not have a Facebook profile. Simply create your profile, display name, and profile picture right in Power Trades University and have access to the community. 

Why Group Coaching is Important

1. One-on-One Coaching is Not Always Possible

Unfortunately, time and resources would not permit me to be able to do one-on-one with everyone. I also charge 5 grand for sessions, so it is not possible for everyone to afford that. 

Group Coaching gives the same information at a lower cost, with a community of supporters.

2. People Don’t Know I Have a Coaching Program

I don’t like to be sales-y, so a lot of my students do not know that the Group Coaching Program even exists. 

But I realized: This is so important to know about because people are benefiting from it so much. It’s my duty to let you know it exists so you receive the benefit, too. 

3. Gain a Community

In Group Coaching, you are surrounded by people who support you and want to see you succeed financially and in life. There are people who are at the same level as you in learning about the market, and those who are at the level you want to be at to encourage you. 

4. Learn the Mindset to Have While Trading

In the live sessions, I delve into not only the technical analysis of a potential trade, but also the mental and emotional thought process you should have. This helps you to keep your emotions in check and not panic while making trading decisions. 


Benefits of Power Trades University

1. Community Makes You Strong

2. Find Real Potential Trades

3. Gain the Guidance You Need

4. Get Your Questions Answered


Think about this: Can I make more money as a part of team or by myself? Can I take my trading to the next level by being a part of a team? Would I benefit from seeing an experienced trader explain what he did wrong and how to avoid those same mistakes? Can I benefit from learning more about how to read stock charts and finding potential trades?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, click the image to view the Power Trades University homepage and check out what it has to offer.

And do so soon because we will be adding my *new* Advanced Options course. If you join within the next couple of weeks, you will receive the course as a bonus at no additional charge, including any new courses coming out at the end of the year and the beginning of next year. In a few weeks, the price will go up to include a join fee plus the monthly charge. 

Post any questions or comments below.