I was riding in an airplane on a flight to Orlando when I looked out the window and noticed how beautiful the clouds and the sky were. I looked at the sun and how it bounced off the clouds thinking, “I’d never seen this view before.” I mean I’ve seen it but I’ve never paid attention during a flight… I’ve seen the sun bounce off the ocean, but this was something special.

Then all of a sudden I see another plane fly by in the opposite direction and I thought to myself, “Wow they probably have the same view.”

Now you’re maybe wondering, “What does all this have to do with trading in the stock market?” Well, a few things came to mind that I want to share with you.

When I looked out the window over the clouds I thought how beautiful and that’s when it dawned on me…

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The First Lesson I Learned is…

…that below those clouds was another whole world. Even if you’re driving in a car or walking down the street looking up at the clouds, there is a whole other atmosphere up there. When you’re in the airplane, you can’t see the people in the cars and when you’re in the cars, you can’t see the airplane through the clouds. In both situation scenarios the one thing that holds true is that in order to experience the other world you have to break through the clouds, break through the fog, clear the smoke and when you do, there’s a whole other life and awesome experiences out there for you. I think about the stock market the same way: there is a whole new world out there for you of allowing your money to work for you instead of you working so hard for it.

If you have a full time job and that’s the only vehicle you’re in… there’s nothing wrong with it, but you’re missing this whole world up there above the clouds that you could be experiencing – stock trading. 

Now just like there are different types of planes and helicopters, there are different ways to get into the world of the stock market from penny stocks, to option trading, forex, futures, currency, commodities, you name it… But there’s also a lot of clouds and fog out there from the news, websites claiming they can teach you how to make a million dollars in one month, to people telling you it’s gambling. You have to clear the smoke to find out which vehicle is best for you.

But how do you clear the smoke?

The Second Lesson I Learned is…

…how to clear the clouds. Well when I was in that airplane I thought to myself, “The only way I could see this view above the clouds is to be here, in a vehicle that is capable of taking me”. That airplane was capable of clearing the smoke, capable of breaking through to the other side. It’s the same thing with the stock market. If you have been looking for something to change your family’s financial future, buy that new car, new house, retire your spouse or a loved one, donate more to your church, charity or a cause that’s near to your heart, etc. The stock market is a vehicle: a vehicle to accomplish all those things.

Just as the stock market is a vehicle to accomplish those things, you also need some tools. Well, what are the tools?  Listen, there’s no way we could have broken through to the other side of the clouds leaving from Detroit, MI if we didn’t board an airplane which was one of the tools or vehicles. But here’s the analogy I want you to catch. There’s no way that plane could have flown without a capable pilot and some technical equipment to help the pilot navigate. That pilot had to have years of training and flying experience and at the end of the day guess what? He still didn’t do it alone. He had a co-pilot with him keeping him on track and making sure he stays sharp. But that’s not the only person the pilot had with him. The pilot had a whole crew of people with him passing out food to passengers, making sure everyone is okay, explaining safety features of the plane and how to deploy safety tactics in the event of an emergency.

It’s just like the stock market. Many of you have been trading in the stock market alone with little or no real training at all. You’re driving around in your car getting advice from your co-worker at work (who also drove in his car might I add) on how to fly a plane i.e. asking what to buy and when to sell. But you need a support team and mentor, like a Pilot has a crew, giving knowledge and confidence to help you fly in the market. What environment are you putting yourself in so you can gain these support team and community or peers who are taking the stock market journey with you? 

Unlike the Pilot, you may have no technical equipment (i.e you do not know how to read stock charts, use technical indicators, like bollinger bands, stochastic, MACD or any others) and even worse you don’t have anyone passing out food (words of encouragement and tips to keep you going and make the ride smoother) and the scariest thing of all, you don’t have any emergency tactics in place should your trading account face turbulence or God forbid your investment account starts to take a nose-dive. You don’t know how to use options as a flotation device should you end up in muddy waters, a parachute in case you have to jump, or as an oxygen mask on case your investment account starts to lose cabin pressure.

What I hope you take from this, is that the stock market is a vehicle and joining a community, finding a mentor, learning how to use options, read charts and use technical software are the tools. The tools that can help you breakthrough to the other side and see what most people ever get to see from 30,000 feet in the air.

So you need to ask yourself… “Who’s my pilot and crew? What are the tools being used? Who’s passing out the peanuts, the words of encouragement?

If these are things missing from your life, I would really look into the Power Trades University program. This is where you can gain me as your Coach to help guide you above those clouds, as well as an incredible support team of like-minded passengers headed to the same destination. This is a forum where you can gain the knowledge of how to use the technical equipment to the full so your trades are protected and profitable. 

This is a community where we grow together, learn together, share together, and catch trades together.

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